Anonymous: But there are ugly black people???

no black person is ugly, no any person is ugly, to be alive and to be a thinking, feeling human is to be inherently beautiful

Lil B - No Black Person is Ugly
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whenever i start thinking about israel i just get angry

Anonymous: Your hair makes you look like Adolf hitler

what every girl wants to hear <33

Anonymous: can you please marry me and I will have your babies holy shit sorry but you look so much like bo and I'm 15 so we r closer in age and your hot so yah just throwing it out there that I will have your kids if you want. just I love you.

what if my personality is shit?

israel be like “hamas fighters aren’t standing out in the open, waving big red flags, so it’s their fault that we’re killing hundreds of civilians”

2Pac vs. The xx - Ghetto Angels 

this is too good

Anonymous: Good morning vanilla bear. Xoxo Corgi


my hair is 2 long

Going to sleep at 330, waking up at noon… This is truly summer



What do you think happens…. after we… stop shitposting on the internet?…
What happens to us?

catch me afterlife shitposting for eternity 


it’s 2:30…. guess ill hit the sack early lol