let’s hope there’s no more shooting in ferguson tonight, by police or protesters

i just played stronghold crusader for like 3 hours what is my life

hip hop disney is so important 2 me



i dont say this often enough but i think kat is a beautiful priceless pearl in the mass of plastic trinkets that is the human race pronun

ima cry


Anonymous: i bet you're just as cute as the exchange student ;)


2nd day #leggo

Anonymous: your exchange student is hella cute all of the junior girls were admiring from afar (this was a lot creepier sounding than intended)

I know lol it’s all I heard about today. Shiiiiuut I wish I was 6 foot beautiful

I’m the end I think the only way you really live is through the impacts you make on the lives and minds of others

so in a way, the citizens of the US fall victim to their own gun culture even more

i dont think police brutality just spawns out of nowhere. i don’t  think that police shoot and beat people because they got a power trip, because in other countries that rarely happens. i think it has to do with the fact that, let’s be honest, america is dangerous. there are more guns than there are people, violent crime is rampant in many places, and so police are trained to respond to situations in extreme manners- because there’s a large potential that any perceived offender could be armed

therefore i think that if we combat gun culture in america, we can change police culture as well. in europe, in asia, the police are seen (and act) as true protectors of the people. here that’s not always the case, but it can be. we just have to change the culture.

i want to demilitarize the police
but before that can happen we have to demilitarize the people…